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Final Week 5 USFL Roster Updates

Final Week 5 USFL Roster Updates Game Status Report: New Orleans Breakers 🌊 Dartez Jacobs, S: Questionable (Head)❓🤕 Nevelle Clarke, CB: Questionable (Hamstring)❓🦵 Davin Bellamy, DE: Questionable (Groin)❓🦵 Shareef Miller, DE: Questionable (Hamstring)❓🦵 Kai Absheer, OL: Probable (Foot)🟡🦶 Kamilo, Tongamoa, DL: Probable (Shoulder)🟡💪 Derrick Jones, CB: Probable (Finger)🟡☝️ Steven Rowzee, OL: Full Go (Ankle)🟢🦶 Johnnie Dixon, WR: Probable (Hamstring)🟡🦵 Mike Stevens, CB: Full Go (Groin)🟢🦵 Justin Johnson, TE: Probable (Foot)🟡🦶 Jarey Elder, S: Probable (Hamstring)🟡🦵 Manny Patterson, CB: Probable (Quad)🟡🦵 Ike Brown, CB: Probable (Hamstring)🟡🦵 Kyle Sloter, QB: Probable (Groin)🟡🦵 Shawn Poindexter, WR: Probable (Ankle)🟡🦶 Keith Washington, CB: Probable (Shoulder)🟡💪 Roster Update: Birmingham Stallions 🐴 Transferred to inactive/injured reserve roster: • DE Aaron Adeoye➡️🔴 Roster Update: Pittsburgh Maulers ⚒️ Transferred to inactive/injured reserve roster: • CB Jaylon McClain-Sapp➡️🔴 Roster Updates: Philadelphia Stars ✨ Released: • K Matt Mengel➡️ Jersey Number Change: • DT Antwan Owens #49 (was #59) Roster Updates: New Jersey Generals 🌟 Transferred to active roster: • S Mike Bell Jr.🟢 • S Shalom Luani🟢 • OL Garrett McGhin🟢 Transferred to inactive roster: • RB Peter Guerriero🔴 • OL Mike Brown🔴 • TE Braedon Bowman🔴 Players remaining on inactive roster: • WR J’Mon Moore🔴 • LB Tim Walton🔴 • CB Christian Tutt🔴 • DT Kalani Vakameilalo🔴 Game Status Report: Mike Brown, OL: Questionable (Calf)❓🦵 Destiny Vaeao, DT: Probable (Quad)🟡 Mike Bell Jr., S: Probable (Chest)🟡 Shalom Luani, S: Probable (Calf)🟡🦵 J'Mon Moore, WR: Full Go (Hamstring)🟢🦵 Terry Poole, OL: Full Go (Shoulder)🟢💪 Deyon Sizer, DE: Probable (Pectoral)🟡 Christian Tutt, CB: Questionable (Knee, Ankle)❓🦵 Garrett McGhin, OL: Questionable (Tricep)❓💪 Calvin Ashley, OL: Probable (Knee)🟡🦵 De’Vante Bausby, CB: Probable (Groin)🟡🦵 Braedon Bowman, TE: Out (Quad)🔴🦵 Trae Elston, CB: Questionable (Quad)❓🦵 D'Juan Hines, LB: Questionable (Hamstring)❓🦵 De'Andre Johnson, QB: Probable (Quad)🟡🦵 David Rivers, CB: Probable (Knee)🟡🦵 Randy Satterfield, WR: Full Go (Hamstring)🟢🦵 Darrius Shepherd, WR: Questionable (Hamstring)❓🦵 Toby Johnson, DL: Full Go (Hamstring)🟢🦵 Robert Myers, OL: Full Go (Back, Knee)🟢🦵 Kalani Vakameilalo, DL: Full Go (Illness)🟢🤒 #USFL #USFL2022 #USFLROSTERUPDATES

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