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J'Mar Smith Coming Back for Seconds

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Tonight we as a USFL community received the news that the championship winning Birmingham Stallions quarterback J'Mar Smith signed his contract to officially opt into season two of the USFL! He said that early Thursday morning, August 18th, he signed the dotted line.

You might ask, "How did we learn this information? J'Mar is usually pretty private." and you would be correct, but not in this case. J'Mar went live on his Twitch account tonight to play the newly released Madden 23. On his stream he had a few USFL fans watching and chatting with him through his stream's chat thanks to his Twitch handle being shared by Ducky, a Breakers die hard and self proclaimed community legend. Our Network's very own BanditBaller jumped in and started coming in with the heaters! Bandit decided to just shoot his shot and ask if J'Mar was coming back next year, and while distracted by what I hear is just another rehashing of old Madden games, J'Mar spilled the beans! What better way to learn something about a football star than from their own mouth? I mean, if people are coming back for seconds, then what your cookin must be hittin, right?

So why does this matter? Lots of players will most likely opt in and join season 2. I'll tell you why! The position in the inaugural season of the USFL that took the longest to come together and get in rhythm was the quarterbacks. It takes time and repetition to build fluidity and flow with receivers at any level. Most quarterbacks futures from season one are up in the air right now. Luis Perez and Kyle Sloter signed NFL contracts, that while short lived, voided their contracts. So at least a few teams will be starting over with a new player at the shakiest position. With the news of J'Mar Smith, the Stallions have already solidified the first step in a repeat showing in season two of the great USFL.

Join us in the USFL discord and let me know if you think the Stallions are prepping for a repeat or a rebuild! Who are you most excited to see re-sign?


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