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Michigan Panthers Still on NFL Rosters

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

1. Ishmael Hyman - Green Bay Packers

This is easily the least set WR core I have ever seen. I would probably lose money if I had to bet which WRs were going to make the roster or even who the number one will be. From watching training camp, it seems all of the young wide receivers are having some issues. Hyman does have some NFL experience from 2019 and still has that long ball speed, which we all know Rodgers loves to throw the deep ball. In preseason week one we did see Hyman play, but he only had one catch for 7 yards. The preseason is still early, and it will be interesting to see how he does in week two. I think it is still looking very good for Hyman to make the roster.

2. Stevie Scott – Denver Broncos

One of the young running backs for the Broncos has already been cut and there are still more to be cut. This means that even though Scott made it through the first wave he is not safe yet. In preseason week one, Scott handled the most carries and had the highest YPC of the entire Broncos roster. This might just be because it's the first week so the young guys got more touches, but I would like to think that he looked the best which turned into more touches. The RB position for the Broncos already has two set starters, but they did not draft a running back this year so there is a chance that they are still deciding their 3rd and 4th strings. Plus, Melvin Gordon has injury issues and Javonte Williams runs so hard that he's bound to get a little shaken up, so this backfield could still see some crazy changes.

3. Jameson Houston – Seattle Seahawks

Houston played in both preseason games and in week one was the third highest graded defender for the Seahawks. In week two he had a solo tackle and two assisted tackles. It seems that the Seahawks are really trying him out to see what he's got, so hopefully he can show enough to make this Seahawks roster.

4. Deandre Torrey – Philadelphia Eagles

With some injuries at running back, the Eagles signed Torrey to add some depth to the position. There has not been any real news about him, and we have yet to see him in a preseason game, but I am hopeful for week 2. He made the first cut so let’s hope he can get some playing time and make a claim at that roster spot.

Who do you think is going to make the roster? Do you think any of these guys will come back to the Panthers? Come let me know what you think in the official USFL Discord!


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