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Network's USFL Mock Draft 1.0

With free agency in full swing and seven out of the eight teams officially signing players this weekend, the draft is coming quick. The draft in this spring league will be the additional players rather than the biggest moves of the off season. With the other league coming, free agency is the most vital portion of the off season. The USFL Network (Fan Media Network) has decided to start the mock draft season. We created a few guidelines for the Draft, which is suppose to take place sometime in 2023.

1- We needed to draft college only players that are still in school.

2- NFL eligibility rules apply to the prospects that we agreed to draft. There are no stated rules for who is allowed to enter the USFL so we went with those that are at the end of collegiate eligibility.

3- We aimed for realistic prospects so there are no Bryce Young or CJ Stroud in this draft. You want that NFL content then go to Mel Kiper or Todd McShay.

4- We aimed for the needs based on how the roster was left at the end of the season with only those on practice squads or active NFL rosters being the true removals.

We did a two round mock draft with analysis only for the first round. We will continue to alter this and adapt as the off season goes on and more information is shared.

Without further adieu, Mock Draft 1.0 (each pick was made by our team correspondent)

1- Michigan Panthers

Leaux Team Needs: DB, WR, OL

The Pick: Justin Ford, CB, Montana

Maverick's Reasoning: Most USFL teams last season had one stand out WR that changed the game and as the Stars know, it is nice to have a Corner that can shut that player down. Why not 'take a chance with the #1 pick on someone who isn't given a fair shot at the NFL because he is playing in the FCS? With the probable loss of Houston and Stewart our DBs run a little thin making Ford a valuable addition to the Michigan Panthers.

2- Pittsburgh Maulers:

Leaux Team Needs: Edge, DB, and Offensive Playmakers

The Pick: Isaiah Land, OLB, Florida A&M

Web's Reasoning: The redshirt senior is chosen as he fits the Maulers mold on defense. He is a great non-stop motor pass rusher that entered the transfer portal with offers from SEC schools but chose to stay at Florida A&M. Look for him to fit in that Carlo Kemp (Chargers now) position in Coach Hortons defense.

3- Houston Gamblers:

Leaux Team Needs: QB, LB, CB

The Pick : Turner Pullen, QB, McEndree

Ace Reasoning: This D2 quarterback has only gotten better with age. With an 81% completion rate through 2 games and 7 passing touchdowns and almost 700 yards, he needs just a push in his NFL stock with a blow-up season in the USFL

4-Tampa Bay Bandits:

Leaux Team Needs: OL, WR, DT

The Pick: Turner Corcoran, OT, Nebraska

Bandit Ball Reasoning: Solid run blocker who played in 15 collegiate games and played 881 total snaps. Corcoran needs some time to develop his pass blocking before an NFL roster might look at him.

5- New Orleans Breakers:

Leaux Team Needs: DB, QB, WR

The Pick: Dorian Thompson Robinson, QB, UCLA

Leaux’s Reasoning: Sloter hasn’t been able to show he can stay healthy. DTR has been with Chip Kelly at UCLA for 5 years, having scored 81 total TD (and counting). He is the perfect spring football QB due to him being mobile, having a good arm, and being able to create something out of nothing.

6- New Jersey Generals

Leaux Team Needs: DB, LB, Edge

The Pick: Robert Beal Jr., Edge, UGA

Angelo’s Reasoning: The Generals lacked sack production from the front seven in 2022. This selection is a player who had 6.5 sacks on a National Champion Georgia team in 2021. Beal is a guy with lots of upside who needs to refine his game and get more tape.

7- Philadelphia Stars

Leaux Team Needs: LB, CB, RB

The Pick: Dorian Williams , LB, Tulane

Cyrus’ Reasoning: Dorian had 97 tackles as a sophomore but saw his production drop off last year only having 73 tackles. He’s good in run support and is very athletic, he can also blitz from the ILB position. Getting some weight on his frame and more film could help him get to the NFL.

8- Birmingham Stallions:

Leaux Team Needs: LB, WR, Edge

The Pick: Mitchell Tinsley, WR, PSU

Hype’s Reasoning: Mitchell was Bailey Zappe's number one target in 2021 at Western Kentucky and chose to transfer to Penn State for his final Season, he’s uber talented and could fill in for the missing Victor Bolden Jr.

Round 2 listed below.

Network 1st Round Mock- Version 1.0

Round 2:

9. Michigan Panthers- Zakahri Franklin, WR from UTSA

10. Pittsburgh Maulers - Hunter Luepke, FB from North Dakota State

11. Houston Gamblers- Dillion Doyle, MLB from Baylor

12. Tampa Bay Bandits- Nathan Pickering, DT from Mississippi State

13. New Orleans Breakers- Jeray Jenkins, WR from LSU

14. New Jersey Generals- D'Jordan Strong, CB from Coastal Carolina

15. Philadelphia Stars- Deuce Vaughn, RB from Kansas State

16. Birmingham Stallions- Micah Baskerville, LB from LSU

Network Second Round Mock - Version 1.0

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