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USFL Potential Sites for the Five Remaining Teams

With another USFL Season about to be wrapped up in a few weeks, and we still have five USFL Teams that still do not have a home stadium yet and those teams are the Houston Gamblers, New Jersey Generals, New Orleans Breakers, Philadelphia Stars, and Pittsburgh Maulers. Last season, all the regular season games were in Birmingham and the playoffs were in Canton. This season, it expanded to a four-stadium hub with two teams per stadium hub with Detroit (Michigan Panthers & Philadelphia Stars), Canton (Pittsburgh Maulers & New Jersey Generals), Memphis (Memphis Showboats & Houston Gamblers), and Birmingham (Birmingham Stallions & New Orleans Breakers). For the USFL to continue their success in the future, the league should continue bringing the remaining teams to their home markets and finally let their fans see their team play in their city and I will talk about potential sites for the five teams.

Philadelphia Stars: Subaru Park (Capacity: 18,500, 26,000 for Concerts)

This is the smallest stadium on this list but this might work to their advantage. For the stadium being small, it can look like a very tough environment to play in since it will not look very empty and look like a full crowd. If we saw it work at Audi Field for the XFL DC Defenders, it is possible to see it for the USFL as well instead of being in Lincoln Financial Field.

Credit: Philadelphia

New Orleans Breakers: Yulman Stadium (Capacity: 30,000)

Even though Caesar’s Superdome is a much more of the ideal spot, but I believe the Tulane Green Wave can bring in the New Orleans Breakers “Blue Wave.” Maybe the Superdome for a Breakers Playoff Game, but Yulman Stadium feels much of a better spot. It is a smaller stadium that the USFL needs, and it can help financially for both the league and the fans because come on who wouldn’t still want their $10 seats? Even then New Orleans is always down for a good time especially with a passionate fanbase as the Breakers.

Credit: Tulane University Athletics

Houston Gamblers: Rice Stadium (Capacity: 70,000; 47,000 With Tarps)

Home of the Rice University Owls, this stadium is overall iconic in general, hosted the University of Houston Cougars, The Houston Oilers before moving into the Astrodome, and even hosted Super Bowl VII. Do we need to mention it was also the location for John F. Kennedy’s, “We choose to go to the moon” speech? So, might as well let the USFL and the Houston Gamblers be part of football history and play their games there and maybe host the USFL Championship Game? With it being an iconic Stadium, we can imagine the fan base be excited to have their games at this legendary place.

Credit: Rice University Athletics

New Jersey Generals: SHI Stadium (Capacity: 52,454)

This is the best stadium with the best potential for the Generals because it is smaller than MetLife Stadium so it can create a better home field and not make the place feel empty. The Generals will fit right in easily since the color of the stadium is red and it can make the fan base feel the energy and cheer as the Generals lead their fans into victory.

Credit: Rutgers University Athletics

Pittsburgh Maulers: Acrisure Stadium (Capacity: 68,400)

If you want a stadium with a passionate fanbase that loves football, Acrisure Arena is that place. Being home to the Pittsburgh Steelers and University of Pittsburgh Football, Acrisure Arena is that place to host USFL games in the near future. The best part is that the fans do not need to drive to Canton, OH. So wave those Terrible “Mauler” Towels fans and get the Maulers to Acrisure.

Credit: Wall Street Journal

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1 Comment

Manuel Grothe
Manuel Grothe
Aug 18, 2023

New Jersey Generals as MetLife Stadium alongside the NFL's New Jersey Giants

Pittsburgh Maulers at Acrisure Arena(Football Stadium) alongside with the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers

Philadelphia Stars at Lincoln Finacial Field or Subaru Stadium alongside the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles or MLS's Philadelphia Union

Houston Gamblers at NRG Stadium(with Astrodome only hope) alongside the NFL's Houston Texans and XFL's Houston Roughnecks

New Orleans Breakers at Mercedes-Benz/Caesars Superdome alongside the NFL's New Orleans Saints

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