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Random Thoughts of Web

-Bryan Scott will be missed. I know I have been anti-Bryan Scott personally because I needed a star to root against. Not to get hurt but, the guy that I respect and root against. So he will definitely be missed.

-Jeff Fisher doesn't kick PAT or Field Goals while Larry Fedora just went and signed another kicker. Interesting point of view from both coaches.

-The entire Michigan Panthers team are sick. Um, what?Food poison or like virus? Was the team dinner filled with bad food or germs. And if it is germs, it's Fisher's 'stache that saved him. Right?

-Maulers season so far, Messy.

-Clayton Thorson is the most frustrating QB ever. He can make every throw but it's the confidence that he lacks. Dude, you graduated from Northwestern. Be confident, you are smarter than most. Use that cannon and help Sumlin get his smile back.

-The two QB musical chairs offense still does not work. Riley is finding a formula on how to win and I truly believe the system was saying that the support was actually to get familiar with the QBs.

-Fedora is the coolest coach in the league but close on his tail is Skip Holtz.

-Scooby Wright is what this league needs and not Chase DeMoor.

-The referee communication is the best feature that has been added.

-I live in Savannah and it's 91° today, the Southern Heat season is coming. Football in the heat is going to be something else, just ask Brady when he played for the Patriots.

-Maulers season recap. Messy.

-Bobby Holly is still one of my favorites.

Three Stock Up and Three Down:

Stock Up: Fox and their plan for success

Stock Down: Tik-Tokers (But follow our guys Bandit Ball)

Stock Up: Importance of Offensive Line production

Stock Down: The new incomplete pass- running clock rule

Stock Up: Players getting tape. Every team makes roster moves every week

Stock Down: Roster moves at 3 in the am.

Ok there is the first edition of Random Thoughts of Web.

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