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Random Web Thoughts Vol 2

Week 4. We loved you. Moving on.

-Mismanaging a game by a coach is expected to happen at this level. It's tough sometimes the possible outcomes. The surprise is that it was Fisher that made the mistake. My money was on others.

-Maulers are making changes. But they are like that local pizza joint that you never see anyone enter or leave but they stay in business somehow.

-Bandits have been my disappointment team so far. They have had some good performances and some dreadful ones. Which one are we going to see this week?

-Chase DeMoor was released today. Guess that back plate pad that stated Slow AF was really just a description of him taking off professionally in this game.

-Ben Holmes signed in Canada today apparently. I really wish to understand what happen in NJ. How do they go from one month drafting him in the first round to cutting him. The Bears didn't move on Trubisky that fast.

-Mike Riley is my Coach of the Year leader at the 4/10 marker of the season. MVP has to be Jmar still but Kyle Sloter may be making a case.

- Can anyone else just watch Diggs talk all day? It may be a Breaker thing but Diggs is so enjoyable to just listen to.

-If NJ doesn't win the North Division by 3 games, something went wrong. I am so shocked and stand corrected but they may be coming as the team to beat.

-Did I mention that the Maulers still look lost? And now they have to take on the Gamblers. If they are going to get a Dub, it would be this week. Ace and other fanboys tread lightly this week.

-USFL Ratings are still good. Someone say year 2 yet?

- I went 3-1 last week. Bandits let me down.

-This weeks picks:

Breakers 24-17 over the Generals

Stars over Stallions 33-26

Maulers over the Gamblers 14-12

Panthers 24-23 over the Bandits

Took some risks definitely. I see Cookus as being that backup QB that becomes legit. I just feel this is a team that can stick with Birmingham. I see the Maulers being desperate and the Gamblers being a team influx. Smells like upset. The Disappointment Bowl is on Friday. I am saying the Panthers will jump to a lead and then get saved by a field goal at the end.

Game of the Week is the NOLA and NJ showdown. Sloter will be able to pass all day. And shouldn't the Gens ask Mark Thompson about the Breakers defense.

Well that is the end of the randomness.


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