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Week 3 Preview

Can you believe that this is roughly the 33% mark of the USFL season. Me neither. Enjoy my week 3 Preview.

Maulers vs Panthers:

The Panthers have fallen to the bottom of the USFL Network Power Rankings so fast. Their offense has looked anemic and their defense has played solid. They are two plays away from being 2-0 though. The Maulers have been dealing with off field commotion and an offense that has found some what of a groove after that Week 1 debacle. The ground game can be deadly and they have a wideout that leads the league in receiving yards in Bailey Gaither.

I'm going Michigan. The defense has to play spectacular again and I truly believe that the running game will get going this giving them enough offense this week to be victorious. Michigan 16-10

Stars vs Generals:

Bryan Scott has gained the most fans since he was drafted. He has been effective when protected by his offensive line. The defense create turnovers but tends to give up plays. The Generals run with an unorthodox two QB system that Mike Riley seems to want to stay with. The defense has some opportunities but is a veteran group. The Generals are one play away from being undefeated.

Everyone loves the Stars this week except me and Angelo. I think the Generals get the run game going and execute enough on defense to expose the Stars offensive line. I'm taking the Generals 27-20

Gamblers vs. Bandits

This it the licking the wounds game of the week. The game should be sponsored by a liquid bandage company. The Gamblers have a great defense but no vertical offense. They can run the ball but situations have forced a passing situations that have looked awful. Thorson needs to develop a pocket presence and find confidence in this system. The Bandits are back to the drawing board. They have a roster filled with former NFL players and they need to act like it. They are the biggest team in the league so they need to pile on these wins before the Alabama heat becomes a true factor. Haley needs to connect with a QB and I wouldn't be surprised if it is Ta'Amu in the long run.

The loser of this game may be struggling to make it to Canton in the challenging South. I am going to take the Bandits 26-14 because Haley will figure out how to move the ball this week and the defense will be able to handle Thorson.

Breakers vs Stallions

The top dog game of the week is between the only remaining undefeated teams. Stallions bring the league energy and figure out different ways to win. If you watch our Recap Show on the USFL Network, you hear Bobby Holly always mention adversity and the mindset to overcome it. The defense makes enough plays to keep them in and the offense discovers new ways to move the ball. The Breakers are the top team in the league and I'm not saying that as one of the founding members of the Fighting Fedoras Fan Club (trademark still pending). Breakers in Week 1 stopped the offensive Stats and in Week 2 used the teams pace to take down the massive Bandits. This week they have to react and succeed against the resilient Stallions.

Breakers win 27-24. The lone full spot for the Breakers has been the kicking game. I think this week, you see three field goals by MacGinnis including a under 2 minutes game winner.

There you have it, Web's Picks for the Week 3 games.

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