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Week 9 USFL Fantasy Football Rankings

Quarterback Rankings (By Bubba):

Well howdy there again, this is Bubba! Here's your quarterback rankings:

(Fox Sports / USFL)

1. Alex McGough (BHAM)

2. McLeod Bethel-Thompson (NO)

3. Josh Love (MICH)

4. Case Cookus (PHI)

5. Troy Williams (PITT)

6. Kenji Bahar (HOU)

7. Cole Kelley (MEM)

8. Dakota Prukop (NJ)

Now let's talk a bit about these top guns!

First, Alex McGough from the Stallions. They've had a solid run, with just two hiccups in their record. Now they're facing the Gamblers. Despite being quite the opponents, my money's on McGough keeping his cool under pressure.

Next up, McLeod Bethel-Thompson from the Breakers. Now he's shown some real Southern charm. After a gritty win against the Panthers, he's lookin' to take on the Showboats. Could be a real barn burner, folks!

In third, we got Josh Love from the Panthers. Last week was a bit rough for him, but I got a feeling he'll bounce back.

And finally, let's not forget Case Cookus from the Stars. With a 4-4 record, they're lookin' to break away from the pack. They've got the Generals up next - and I reckon Cookus is just the man to lead the charge.

Now, remember folks, the ball can bounce any which way - that's the beauty of this game we all love. 'Til next time, this is Bubba signing off, with a yeehaw!

Running Back Rankings (By Bubba)

(Fox Sports / USFL)

Alrighty, let's get to it then! Y'all listen up here!

1. Mark Thompson (HOU)

2. Wes Hills (NO)

3. CJ Marable (BHAM)

4. Darius Victor (NJ)

5. Reggie Corbin (MICH)

6. Matt Colburn (PHI)

7. Stevie Scott (MICH)

8. ZaQuandre White (BHAM)

9. Kerrith Whyte (MEM)

10. Dexter Williams (PHI)

11. Juwan Washington (MEM)

12. Garrett Groshek (PIT)

Our big ol' hoss, Mark Thompson, in Houston, ya know, he's been rippin' it up, gallopin' like a stallion, piling up yard after yard. Boy's got a knack for findin' the end zone, I tell ya. He's a sure bet to rack up some serious points come Week 9, especially when considerin' that generous defense he's goin' up against.

Now Wes Hills, this fella from New Orleans, he's got some spark to him. He may not be as flashy as Thompson, but that boy can rumble, and he sure knows how to hang onto the pigskin. His grit and consistency make him one worth keepin' an eye on.

Our man CJ Marable, over in Birmingham, he's been a bit of a surprise. Both a running and a receiving threat, he’s put up some solid numbers. This dude's got some potential for sure.

Darius Victor from New Jersey, now he's an interesting case. Bit of a mixed bag this season, he's shown flashes of brilliance, but has fumbled a bit too. Still, can't deny the guy's talent. If he gets a grip on that ball, watch out.

Ya got Reggie Corbin in Michigan, who's been puttin' in some decent work too. Then there's Matt Colburn from Philly who’s shown some promise and could turn up big. Also, keep an eye on ZaQuandre White and Dexter Williams, these boys got some fight in 'em.

Now listen, ain't sayin' you gotta go by what ol' Bubba here says, but these fellas look like they could make some noise come game day. Keep 'em on your radar and may the fantasy gods favor ya. Yeehaw!

Wide Receiver Rankings (By Dusty)

(Michael Reaves / Getty Images)

1. Corey Coleman (PHI)

2. Davion Davis (BHAM)

3. Jonathan Adams (NO)

4. Joe Walker (MICH)

5. Justin Hall (HOU)

6. Devin Gray (PHI)

7. Johnnie Dixon (NO)

8. Isiah Hennie (PIT)

9. Vinny Papale (MEM)

10. Trey Quinn (MICH)

11. Bailey Gaither (PIT)

12. Alonzo Moore (NJ)

13. Diondre Overton (PHI)

14. Lee Morris (NO)

15. Derrick Dillon (MEM)

16. Ryan McDaniel (MEM)

Alright folks, pull up a chair, let's chew the fat on this here football business. Now, that feller Corey Coleman in Philly, he's just hopped over Sage Surratt like a jackrabbit over a cactus. This boy’s been snaggin' that pigskin more than a hog on a truffle hunt, and I reckon he ain’t stoppin' any time soon.

Then you got this young buck, Davion Davis, down in Birmingham. He's as shifty as a raccoon in a henhouse, and with Houston on the horizon, he's liable to stir up a whole heap of trouble.

Now hold on to your Stetsons, cause Jonathan Adams of New Orleans is risin' faster than biscuits in grandma's oven. Followed by Michigan's Joe Walker and Houston’s Justin Hall who’re as reliable as a well-aged bottle of bourbon. Especially keep your peepers on Walker, he's got a soft defense coming his way, while Hall’s gotta step up with his pal Ratliff-Williams feelin' a mite sore.

So there ya have it, folks. Sit back, sip on that sweet tea and watch the gridiron fireworks. Y'all take care now, ya hear?

Tight End Rankings (By Dusty)

(WGNO-TV / ABC26 / WNOL38)

1. Sage Surratt (NO)

2. Jace Sternberger (BHAM)

3. Josh Pederson (HOU)

4. Marcus Baugh (MICH)

5. Braedon Bowman (NJ)

6. Pro Wells (PHI)

7. Daniel Helm (MEM)

8. Jay Jay Wilson (MEM)

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, Surratt and Sternberger are still my two hosses runnin' out front in this race, but Surratt ain't lappin' the field like he used to. With cowpokes like Adams and Dixon (both on the top 10 wanted posters this week) roundin' up more passes, Surratt's haul has been droppin' faster than a rattlesnake's tail.

After those outlaws, we got ol' reliable Pederson at number 4, who's as steady as a preacher on Sunday. Then to cap off the top 5, we got a couple of rough riders who still know how to rustle up some fantasy points, Baugh in Michigan and Bowman over in Jersey.

So put a spur in your boot and keep your eyes on these fellas. Y'all keep it between the ditches out there, ya hear?

D/ST Rankings (By Dusty)

Photo taken by James Larsen of the USFL Newsroom

1. Pittsburgh Maulers

2. Michigan Panthers

3. New Jersey Generals

4. Memphis Showboats

5. New Orleans Breakers

6. Birmingham Stallions

7. Philadelphia Stars

8. Houston Gamblers

When it comes to defenses, my top dog this week is Pittsburgh, lockin' horns with a downright ordinary Michigan offense. On the other side of the coin, Michigan is goin' up against Pittsburgh's lackluster offense. The real difference here is that Pittsburgh has been packin' a stronger defensive punch all season long.

Ridin' into town at number 3 is New Jersey, not necessarily 'cause of their matchup, but 'cause they've been holdin' their ground with a solid defense throughout the season. The teams ranked lower on the totem pole are facin' tougher opponents, so New Jersey gets the nod here.

Now, at the 4th and 5th spots, we got two teams squarin' off against each other. In the end, I reckon Memphis gets the slight edge 'cause New Orleans tends to cough up the ball more often.

Keep an eye on these defensive wranglers, folks. They might just rope in some mighty fine fantasy points. And remember, don't let the bedbugs bite and keep your britches on tight!

Kicker Rankings (By Bubba)

(Jason Miller/USFL/Getty Images)

1. Luis Aguilar (PHI)

2. Matt Coghlin (NO)

3. Alex Kessman (MEM)

4. Brandon Aubrey (BHAM)

5. Chris Blewitt (PIT)

6. Cole Murphy (MICH)

7. Nick Vogel (HOU)

8. Nick Sciba (NJ)

Aguilar's kicks are as smooth as a Philly cheesesteak. He's got accuracy and power, making him a tasty choice for your fantasy team.

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