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All USFL First Team Picks by Hype

QB: Kyle Lauletta, Maulers

RB: Dayln Dawkins, Gamblers

RB: JuWan Washington, Bandits

WR: Darius Shepard, Generals

WR: JoJo Ward, Gamblers

TE: Sage Surratt, Stallions

OL: Sean Brown, Stars

OL: Jahair Jones, Stars

OL: Nick Buchanan, Gamblers

OL: Erick Browne, Gamblers

OL: Abdul Beecham, Maulers

DE: Chase DeMoor, Panthers

DE: Michael Scott, Bandits

DT: Shakir Soto, Breakers

DT: Cory Thomas, Gamblers

LB: Vontae Diggs, Breakers

LB: Donald Payne, Gamblers

LB: Scooby Wright, Stallions

CB: Derrick Jones, Breakers

CB: Keith Gipson Jr, Maulers

S: Arnold Tarpley III, Maulers

S: Aashari Crosswell, Breakers

K: Matt Mental, Stats

P: Brock Miller, Generals

The surprise pick for many of you will be the QB selection. After talking with Lauletta on the USFL Network, I discovered that he is a cerebral assassin at QB. He uses his knowledge of the game to the best of his ability. He sold me on his attention to detail, preparedness, and the amount of hard work he puts into the position and game.

The rest of the team is based off of youth and speed. I love a fast game where athletic ability is the shining star and that is the reason why these are my picks

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