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On the Rise: Week 3 Recap

Here we are, now entering week 4 of the 2022 USFL season. Things are shaping up to be epic! Teams such as the Birmingham Stallions and the New Orleans Breakers are showing early dominance and seem like they will be a force throughout. Then, we have teams like the Pittsburgh Maulers who have been struggling. We have seen flashes of NFL like talent and as well as plenty of mistakes. Let’s get one thing straight, THE USFL IS HERE TO STAY! All of the naysayers will be awfully disappointed when the league finds great success among true football fans.

After 3 weeks we have seen stars rise such as defensive standout Scooby Wright from the Birmingham Stallions. In week three he accumulated over 10 tackles, you couldn’t blink without missing a tackle by Wright. The Stallions vs Breakers game was nothing short of a defensive dominant game turned offensive finish! J’Mar Smith had a somewhat inconsistent game showing his elite skill level. Sloter also had a rocky game while also showing his high IQ at times. I believe both QBs just need to adjust to playing in this new league as does every other player in the USFL. Time will be the true test of talent and longevity of these young men.

Many are concerned, the moment players progress and get better that they’ll abandon ship and jump to the NFL thus leaving the league high and dry. Fortunately, even if this started happening there is plenty of talent needing a platform to continue their professional careers alternative to the NFL or soon to come XFL. I foresee the USFL becoming a major destination for underdeveloped talent.

Who will dominate the league? Will the Stallions continue their streak? Find out this week on the USFL. Be sure to tune into the USFL Network on Twitter for all of your USFL news!


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