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USFL Quarterback Fantasy Rankings

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Written 03/27/2022

1. Bryan Scott - Stars

Scott takes the number one spot due to his success as a starter. This will not be the first time he has stepped into a new role as the starting quarterback and has always flourished in this role. During his time in the Spring League, Scott was a 2X MVP and is coming off a championship MVP season. There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to the Star’s offense. As old teammates, Jordan Suell already has built chemistry with Bryan, which should make week one like riding a bike. Darnell Holland’s pass-catching ability out of the backfield adds to Scott’s value. Andrus, the head coach, is an offensive mind and former Quarterbacks coach who helped shape Steve McNair. He also has already coached Scott and a number of the other players drafted to the Stars. It seems they are getting the band back together for another championship run, and I do not see much that will slow them down. Scott’s accuracy, touch, and power when throwing the ball backed by his resume makes him an easy and safe first pick for QBs in your fantasy draft.

2. Jordan Ta’amu - Bandits

Ta’amu was a very exciting player to watch in the short season that the XFL had. There is a reason Ta’amu was drafted so high. His elusiveness in the backfield will extend plays for the Bandits and create a lot of extra fantasy points with rushing yards. Although his NFL career never truly took off after the XFL, this may be the perfect landing spot for Ta’amu. From the draft, it seems that the Bandits have a plan for what their team will be, an explosive offense with Ta’amu at the front. The WR core surrounding Jordan has multiple years of NFL experience and a lot of speed. Coach Todd Haley does not shy away from the deep ball, and the Maulers have already predicted the Bandits will throw every play against them week one. His highlights speak for themselves, and he has a very high ceiling for his fantasy value.

3. Kyle Sloter - Breakers

Sloter is an NFL veteran of multiple years that was passed around to multiple different teams. Now that he has stepped away from the NFL, it is very likely that he will show the skills we saw at Southern Miss and Northern Colorado that earned him his spot in the NFL. With a consistent starting job and a good groove going there is no telling how good Sloter can be. His NFL preseason games have been promising and at 28 years old he still has plenty left to give. Coach, Larry Fedora’s most recent job was as Baylor Universities QB’s coach and is an advocate for the spread offense. This means there will be a lot of throwing coming from the Breaker’s offense which increases Sloter’s fantasy value.

4. Alex McGough - Stallions

Like many of the other players in the USFL, McGough has bounced around the NFL after being drafted in the 7th round by the Seattle Seahawks. McGough spent most of his NFL career on practice squads, so it is hard to know exactly what he will be like at an elevated level of football. If it is anything like his FIU days, then the Stallions and his fantasy owners are in for a treat. Alex is no stranger to throwing for monster yard games, and his running ability is nothing to sneeze at. The Birmingham Stallions have an offensive-minded coach in Skip Holtz and a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. The backfield of the stallions has a lot of size and the WRs have a lot of speed, boding well for the passing game. As a young QB, Alex McGough has a lot of upsides for fantasy points.

5. Clayton Thorson - Gamblers

The Gamblers seemed to know what they were doing by selecting Clayton Thorson as their QB with the 5th pick, but I’m still a little confused. He did have some success as the Northwestern QB, but his flashes of tremendous ability were quickly offset by his inclination to throw interceptions. Thorson did bounce around the NFC East but did not make any splashes. The good news for fantasy owners is that TDs are worth 4 or 5 points and interceptions are usually only -2, and he throws a lot of both. There is a very good chance of break-out games for this Gambling QB. He is the only Big-Ten QB to throw for 10,000 yards and rush for 20 TDs, so he certainly comes with his bag of tricks. We will all patiently wait to see if this Gamble pays off.

6. Kyle Lauletta - Maulers

Lauletta had a very successful career at Richmond and was a very high prospect going into the draft. Unfortunately, he bounced around before eventually landing in the USFL. A lot like Thorson, Lauletta has a lot of upside as a young talented QB that has not had much of a chance to prove himself. Unfortunately for Lauletta, the Maulers had one of the weaker drafts, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The Mauler’s coach, Kirby Wilson, seems more inclined to run the ball, which is not a good sign for Lauletta’s fantasy value. It will be interesting to see how this young QB develops throughout the season.

7. Ben Holmes - Generals

The Tarleton QB has the least amount of experience of any of the starting quarterbacks in the league. With that being said, Holmes had a prolific career in college leading the Texans to 23-2 in two seasons and is one of the main reasons Tarleton is a D1 school now. Unfortunately, the talent level was much lower for Holmes than all of the other QB’s which puts him at a disadvantage. With all of that being said, Mike Riley is an experienced coach and likely knows what he is doing better than any of us. The Generals drafted plenty of weapons and there is still hope for anyone drafting this young QB.

8. Shea Patterson & Paxton Lynch - Panthers

Unfortunately, the news looks grim for these two Panther QBs. At this point, it seems that the two will be splitting time. What’s that old saying? When you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks. The good news is that both quarterbacks are very strong players on their own. Shea Patterson was the first pick for a reason. He showed many flashes of being an elite QB at any level when playing at Michigan. Lynch has been battling for a starting spot for multiple years in the NFL. This means that until a QB is decided or *knocks on wood* an injury, neither of these quarterbacks is very useful in a fantasy league. If you are building a team with one of these quarterbacks, you better draft the other as a backup, and even then you may find yourself having an up and down first couple of weeks until it shakes out.

Shea Patterson
Paxton Lynch

10. J’mar Smith - Stallions

11. Deandre Johnson - Generals

12. Josh Love - Maulers

13. Kenji Bahar - Gamblers

14. Zach Smith - Breakers

15. Brady White - Bandits

16. Case Cookus - Stars


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