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Random Web Thoughts: Horse Meat Edition

Back for another episode of Random Thoughts of Web.

-First off, you need to watch The USFL Network’s shows. The recap show is awesome every week. Some of the league's biggest names have participated in our network. This week was the Defensive Player of the Week.

-Talking about Player of the Week, I am glad that my boy Sloter received the honors again. He has been a MVP level leader and is finally getting recognition. Sloter is a tough QB that seems to fit the Breakers offense so well.

-Talking about fitting so well with their team, how about Friend of the Network Bobby Holly being nominated this week for Special Teams Player of the Week. Holly has that long history with Holtz and it was so evident at the press conference. Holly's fake punt run changed the game and he should have been player of the week but some Michigan fan created a bot to change the voting at the last minute. Travesty because Holly needs to have a matching pair of shoes like his Bald Assassin roommate, Jmar.

-Stallions vs Breakers is becoming the rivalry in this league. Stallion fans are ready to confront anyone that says their team isn't the best. And the Breakers come across as the most fiery team in the league. Alabama and Louisiana battling out for division supremacy just feels right. It is Horse Meat Week. Time for Breakers Revenge.

-Kirby has lost the locker room. That is all.

-With the playoff teams just about all set, we have to ask how the Generals are going to use their three week no stress games to get ready for Canton. They already have the most chill coach in the league. Does three weeks of not having a serious game make them too relaxed? The only comfort is that they still have a game against Philly to set a tone. Riley has set a tone all season. They just know what they need to do and are doing it. Riley is my Coach of the Year at the end of the day.

-Most frustrating team has to be the Bandits. All the talent in the world and they just don't execute well. They shoot themselves in the foot in every big game or they just come out lame. They have to win this week vs. Gamblers to make next week even more important. But I just don’t see it.

-The quality of linebackers has been solid in this league. Fernandez, Diggs, Payne, Ginda, Sam, Tezino,and Northrup all have played well. The All-League selections will be a challenge to only get three. They all have a case to be in the top 3.

-Madre London was supposed to be what he did this week. London has 351 yards, which is fifth in the league, but we all expected more. I hope he has a great three weeks and possibly gets a shot at the next level. He is fifth in the league in yards and only 11th in the league in carries per game. This is a dude that is being overlooked.

-Another one of Web’s Overlooked team is Case Cookus. He was the backup to start the season for the Stars but he came in and went to work. He has led this Stars team to the cusp of the playoffs. He has 6 TD and 3 INTS. We all know they run the most complex passing offense and he has succeeded. I am happy for Mr. Cookus.

-Anthony Jones of the Breakers has been a solid addition. And since his pickup and having a full week of practice, the Breakers offense has looked different. They have taken care of the ball better. I expect a good game for this guy against the Stallions.

Week 8 Picks

Generals keep marching over hapless Maulers

Breakers get their revenge against the Stallions

Panthers keep hopes alive by pulling out a victory over the Stars

Gamblers finally get a much needed win and eliminate the Bandits

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And follow Breakers Weekly, if you are reading this before Friday, we have a special guest coming up. Our starting safety Jarey Elder.


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