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The Love of the Game

The USFL is a new and exciting league, which can bring in a whole new generation of football fans. This league has found a way to inspire a childlike passion for the game again. If you watched season one, then you most likely know what I am talking about. If you didn’t join in for season one, then you may ask, “why do you like the USFL so much?” Well let me explain it for you, from experiences I think we can all understand.

Whether its sitting underneath the lights on Friday nights, gathering your friends and family every week to watch your favorite team battle it out on the gridiron, or watching in disbelief as players make awe inspiring plays, you probably have some fond memories of football. Any fan of the game can sit you down and share at least a few wild moments they remember and what football means to them. It’s different for everyone. Maybe you remember sitting down with your father watching a Sunday night game, him describing the rules and strategy, trying to instill in you the love of his favorite team and for the game itself. Maybe you remember game time plays where your favorite players found a miracle to win while 00:00 flashes on the game clock. From the nail biters to every heartbreaking loss, by being able to watch as your team develops and finds success, by seeing the players you’ve watched for decades achieve victory, Football allows us to feel like a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Every week, viewers tune in to watch as incredible athletes compete. The incredible moments these athletes create, strengthen the love of the game in the heart of every fan. They play the game in such a way where people thousands of miles away from the stadium can feel every mistake, every success, celebrate every win and mourn every loss. You see, Football is so much more than a game, it’s a tie that binds. The Game inspires community and gives folks the chance to express themselves. It allows us the opportunity to find an organization that represents our identity.

Until recently these moments could only be experienced during a small window between August and January. Leaving fans to wait and bide their time until the new season started. Prior to 2022, If you ever heard a true fan talk about the game in the off season, you saw them chomping at the bit, the anticipation flooding over them, with the excitement for the fall filling them until the season resumes. But this year we got something different, a reprieve for that overwhelming anticipation. This year we were given the inaugural season of the USFL.

The revival of this league could not be more welcomed. This season had everything a football fan craves; crazy plays, impressive acts of athleticism, new teams to rally behind, but most of all a renewed sense of community. In it’s first season since it’s departure in 1985, the USFL came back with a vengeance. There was no shortage of miraculous, awe inspiring moments for fans of the game to latch onto. This league gave aspiring all-star athletes the chance to prove themselves. A device to show off their athletic prowess and give them the chance to seize victory, and through victory, greatness.

Like most other leagues the USFL served as a source of entertainment for fans and a proving ground for athletes. But there’s something unique about this league, something that sets the USFL apart from any other football league. This 2022 season, we saw the veil between athletes and fans disappear. Players would interact with fans on a level seldom seen before through social media and at games. Everyone came together in support of an organization that just wanted to showcase athleticism, sportsmanship, and to champion the sheer love of the game! Fans and players united to promote and support an up-and-coming league, which became a place where the game could be enjoyed by everyone. By being humble, the USFL has stepped out of the shadow of more established leagues and has started to make a name for itself.

While we have only seen one season of the USFL, it exceeded every expectation placed on its shoulders. As fans, we look forward to seeing the league grow and evolve into something extraordinary. To see the community around this organization, thrive. We are excited to watch more amazing athletes get their opportunity at greatness. We hope to make more incredible memories that we will share for years to come. But more than anything else we look forward to fostering a culture of football where we strengthen the love of the game.

So, when you ask me, “why do you like the USFL so much?” The short answer has to be, “Community and the love of the game.”

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Really well said! There’s nothing better than watching the rise to success a team/player makes over the course of a season.

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