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Web's Power Rankings Vote- Week 2

As you saw on the social media outlets of the USFL Network, our power rankings were released.

But I see it a bit different.

New Orleans is the best team as Diggs stated in the post game press conference. Give them that STAMP. They were dominant defensively against the high power Stars and even more dominant against the talented Bandits. They continue their challenging schedule against the only other undefeated team, the Stallions in Week 3.

The Stallions are in at my second spot. They are the sweetheart team. They have played a few tight games and have figured out ways to win. J'mar Smith has captured the imagination of the USFL and has been the feel good story the league needs to succeed. They pulled out a late win against my number 3 team in Week 2.

The Generals made it look ugly in Week 2 against the Panthers. But that defense was tough and the offense did enough to win. Every football season is filled with unexpected tight games. Mike Riley and his Generals are not the big name team but they manage the game. Kind of like how Riley manages his multiple QB offense.

The unexpected result this week, happened to my number 4 team, the Bandits. No one expected them to get beat in every facet of the game versus the Breakers. One aspect that may become a trouble spot for the Bandits is the size. Spring Football brings the challenge of the weather heating up as the season goes along. The Bandits are the biggest team and with limited roster depth, the size may become the issue.

Number 5 is the Stars. Man, they roll on offense. Bryan Scott has entered the conversation for biggest star through two weeks. Even taking 6 sacks against the Breakers in Week 1, Scott still lead the league in passing yards. He is dynamic in the passing game. The biggest issue for the Stars is on the other side of the ball. Defensively, they look soft and that was obvious against the Maulers. They still might make it to Canton but the defense needs to get better to raise the trophy.

My number six is the Houston Gamblers. The network fell in love with this team after the Easter Sunday game. Their defense is electric and so dang fast. Their offense needs to improve. They can't be competitive if they can't move the ball. The defense needs to get help. Sumlin should figure this out but it starts with the QB situation. In the dangerous South, it needs to happen quickly.

Seventh again is the Panthers. They have played horribly on offense for three out of the four halves this season. And they still had a chance to be 2-0. This team is missing the little things. These little things are fixable, they need to be fixed now for the chance to go to Canton.

That brings me to my 8th place team, the Maulers. This team actually had life. The play calling improved and Love may be the answer at QB. This team has never excited me even though Kirby Wilson has been one of the stars from United by Football.

There you have it, the Web Power Rankings after Week 2.

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