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Web's Preseason Awards

The league is coming. And with the start of a new league comes award previews and final standing predictions. Here at the USFL Network, we will have our predictions and picks coming out as a Network. But I want to go on record with my predictions. Maybe I will end up on Freezing Cold Takes but maybe I'll make a solid prediction to hang my fedora on. Without further adieu, Web's Preseason Picks.

Biggest Star: So when I went through these awards, I didn't want to pick the normal ones. The names of the league. Luckily with this league, there aren't too many well known names. I chose New Orleans Breakers WR Jay Adams. He is awesome. Coming from Arkansas St, Adams is an outside wideout. He must be a bloodhound because he can sniff out any scent of a catch. Adams uses his size to his advantage and will be sure to have a highlight catch every week. I just think he will be a name that everyone will know once the season gets a couple games in.

Coach: Larry Fedora.

Hear me out, I know you think I just chose Breakers. But I see the Breakers losing their first three games before rattling off seven in a row. I think his team will be a force once the roatations on the offensive line and defensive line gets sorted. The Fighting Fedoras do things differently than most. Spread them out.l and use your size to your advantage. I think this may be a great season for Coach.

First Player to the NFL: Warren Saba, Michigan

Saba was the guy that came from college to the USFL. He just finished his collegiate career and now he goes to play for NFL connected coach Jeff Fisher. He will get an opportunity to shine and I expect him to play well. NFL will come calling as long as he stays healthy. We will see him in a summer camp. He has big play talent in his game and you can ask possible 1st round QB drafted Desmond Ridder because he picked him off twice this season in the same game.

Defensive Player of the Year: Arnold Tarpley III, Pittsburgh

Trey Tarpley will be all over the Maulers defensive backfield. His versatility will lead to ample opportunities to make a play. These types of awards usually go to defensive ends or shutdown corners but Tarpley will be remembered come award season. The Maulers talk about fundamentals and toughness all the time. Check and check for Trey Tarpley.

MVP: Jordan Ta'Amu, Bandits

He was suppose to go first in my mind. He is lucky he was drafted second. He has a creative NFL offensive coordinator as his head coach. And the creativity of Coach Haley will give Jordan the spotlight to succeed. He should be on a NFL roster already but he will shine in the USFL. I think he is on the deepest team in the league and will be a name to watch in the MVP Race.

Those are the awards that we gave preseason awards to at the USFL Network.


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