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2023 Birmingham Stallions Running Backs Overview

The Birmingham Stallions were one of the best offensive teams in the 2022 USFL season, and they are looking to keep that going in 2023. In this series, an overview of the current Stallions roster as the new USFL season quickly approaches us.

Disclaimer: This is an overview when it comes to the Stallions rosters at the time of writing

The USFL has a problem on its hands, as the reigning champion Birmingham Stallions have the best running back room in all of the league, and maybe all of spring football. With college standouts, 2022 season stars, and national champions, it's hard to dispute that fact.

Bo Scarbrough:

The former University of Alabama standout and two time national champion was a mid-season addition for the Stallions last season, but made an impact the moment he joined the team. Rushing for an average of 4.2 yards an attempt, and ending with 352 yards total in only 6 games. He was at the top ten in the leagues, even as a mid-season addition. If the Stallions hand the ball to Bo, they are going to be ending up with yards.

CJ Marable:

The star of the Stallions rushing when looking at the entire season, Marble led the Stallions running backs with 401 yards on the ground, and an average of 3.9 yards per attempt. Marble will most likely be sharing the number 1 spot with Scarbrough. It will be interesting to see if a repeat of last season’s running game happens, or if we see Stallions head coach Skip Holtz run a new version of the run game with Bo Scarbrough as a Stallion for a full season.

Tony Brooks-James:

Running back 2 last year, now likely running back 3, the man you want to have when you are looking at depth. Brooks-James rushed for 226 yards total, and actually had a higher yards average per attempt than Marable and Scarbrough with 5.8 yards. Brooks-James is the best backup RB you could have in this situation.

Zaquandre White:

The new running back on the block for the Stallions, the former Miami Dolphins draftee has joined the Stallions after spending some of the 2022 season in the NFL. The former Gamecock ended his college career with over 580 yards total rushing, and also over 200 yards receiving, making him a nice passing target when he is on the field. White is probably going to be running back 2, but as stated before, is a good target if the ball needs to be quickly thrown in check down situations.

It's been said before and it needs to be said again, defenses around the league need to prepare themselves when it comes to figuring out how to stop the Stallions running game, because unless they are a brick wall, there is no foreseeable way to stop it.


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