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Leaux's Ideal USFL Draft

With news of the USFL Draft coming in February, I thought I’d share how I think the draft should be done, or at least how I would do it!

How many rounds?

The draft should have 5 rounds, which gives each team 5 picks, and 40 total picks across the league. I don’t think you need a super long draft, just give teams a pool of 100 players to scout and pick from. Teams would have 5 minutes to select players, and if they fail to select a player then they will have to wait until after the next team up selects.

How is it set up?

It would be a traditional draft set up. Each round would have the same order of picks, with the pick order being determined by your record. The worst record picks first and the best record picks last.

Would trades be a thing?

Absolutely, but with a twist. Trades would take place, however each team would have to make 5 picks regardless. For example, New Orleans sees a young QB they’d like and they call Pittsburgh to move up to pick 2. That trade would look something like this: Nola gets 1st rounder and 5th rounder, Pitt gets 1st and 2nd rounder. This allows teams to go get players they want or trade back but also ensures that they are all filling their rosters equally. In my scenario Nola would move up but still have 5 picks, Pitt would trade back but still have 5 picks. Players already on a roster would not be available for trade, however players draft rights could be traded. No future draft picks could be traded.

Would it be on TV?

Yes, it would be televised on Fox, no need to explain that move. This plays a part in the number of rounds because it’s easier to televise a 5 round draft on Fox in one day than 10 or 15 rounds. The crew I would choose to cover it is Joel Klatt as the Mel Kiper, Kurt Menefee as the Rece Davis, and RJ Young as the personality guy (don’t be mistaken, he knows his stuff too).

Where would it be located?

Birmingham is the only choice right now, and that’s coming from a Breakers fan. The league HQ is in Birmingham, not to mention the Birmingham team won the championship. Fans attendance would be high, which means Birmingham makes the most sense. Having Fans be there is a huge addition to the TV aspect, and having draftees attend in person would be important as well.

All in all, I believe this is the best way they could do it, if you think there’s a better way let me hear it in the comments and in the official USFL Discord!


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