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Leaux's Top 5 Coaches to replace Fedora

With Larry Fedora stepping down due to family reasons, we will need a new Head Coach. While there are hundreds of coaches out there that would love to take over a team like the Breakers, I have assembled a list of the top 5 most realistic replacements.

5. Jon Tenuta

Jon Tenuta was the linebackers coach and defensive coordinator of the Breakers last season. He’s already in the building, he coached a top defense in the league, and he knows the players. Only downside is that he hasn’t been a Head Coach before at any level. A large upside is that we may see less coaching turnover if they promote from within.

4. Noel Mazzone

Another guy who already knows these players and knows the USFL. Noel coached a top offense in the league last season being the offensive coordinator of the Breakers. However, he is another guy who hasn’t been a Head Coach before. Again, we may keep most of the staff if he moves up.

3. Terry Shea

Terry has coached football a long time, and has been apart of developing some great QB’s. He was with the MLFB, and players went to bat for him heavily after it folded. Terry coached in the spring league, so he automatically has a connection to Fox and its leagues. Major Downside is his age as he may be thinking more about retirement than rebuild.

2. Rick Neuheisel

Rick has coached in the AAF, and has stated already that he wants to coach in the USFL. Another offensive coach would do well for this team, considering the weapons we have. He could very well be the missing component that propels the Breakers offense from good to great.

1. Hal Mumme

Hal has been an offensive mastermind for almost 30 years, and has coached in other Spring leagues. Hal coached in The Spring League for Fox, meaning he has a connection with League executives already. Hal is my number one option, and would have us in the mix for a championship next season. As fans you love to see someone come in that can immediately produce with what is there, and I think Hal is the man.

What do you think about my choices? Are there any coaches that you would prefer to see take the helm of the Breakers? Join the official USFL Discord and let me know what you think!

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Texas Pete
Texas Pete
Sep 14, 2022

How about Jerry Glanville? He's looking for a job.

June Jones... he lost his head coach position for the XFL's undefeated Roughnecks team and is now an offensive line coach. Fans will line up to watch him.

Joke: I'm sure the Maulers will be happy to trade Kerby Wilson for one of your second string line backers. LOL.

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