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Leaux's Top 5 Breakers Owner Candidates

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

There will come a day when the Breakers need an owner that is not tied directly to the USFL. I’ve compiled a list of 5 potential owners for the New Orleans Breakers. These are individuals that could afford it to some degree, and would possibly want to own a professional team. These choices either have ties to the big easy, or are from New Orleans.

5. DJ Khaled

I do have to be honest, I had no clue DJ Khaled was from New Orleans. Khaled is a well known name to own the Breakers Franchise, but would need help financially. This choice could be solid, and bring the city a great deal of attention, but I think there are better options. Net Worth: 75 Million

4. Lil Wayne

Everyone knows the name, Lil Wayne and everyone knows where he is from. Also known as 'Wheezy' already has the love for football and is known to be a Green Bay Packers fan, I think he would need some help financially as well, but not as much as DJ Khaled would need. I do think there are a few better options, but Lil Wayne would still be a great option. He would bring lots of eyeballs towards the Blue Wave. Net Worth: 150 Million

3. The Manning Family

Archie Manning has Nola ties, while Peyton and Eli were born in the Crescent City. Everyone in the football world knows the Manning family name. That alone would bring attention to the Breakers and the USFL. The Manning’s are 1 of 2 candidates on this list who I think have the financial stability to buy the franchise and would not need additional financial help. Net Worth: 473 Million Combined

2. Drew Brees

This man is treated like Royalty in New Orleans. Drew is basically the guy who saved the New Orleans Saints franchise from Relocation. He brought them to prominence, and truly grew New Orleans into a football town. Drew is still heavily involved within the city, providing his time and volunteering within many charitable endeavors. However, I do think Brees would need some financial assistance in owning the team. Net Worth: 160 Million

1. Gayle Benson

This choice was too obvious for me. Gayle who currently owns the Saints and Pelicans. Which tells me that she has plenty of ownership experience. She also has a large net worth, which means she could own the Breakers outright and be fine financially on her own. The most important thing, Gayle love's the city. I believe she would love the opportunity to own another franchise in New Orleans. Net Worth: 4.7 Billion

If I had to bet money on how this would play out, I would bet on Gayle Benson and Drew Brees being the front runner's as the ownership group. Drew loves the city of New Orleans, but he would need the financial help. Gayle adores Brees, and I think she’d be more than happy to help him in some capacity with financial support. Drew is personally my favorite option to be the next Breakers owner.

Who is your favorite choice? Are they on my list? Let me know in the Official USFL Discord!

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