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Maverick's Top 5 QBs Panthers QB Options

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

With the 2022 season successful and finished, I decided to take a look at the possible quarterbacks that could help the Panthers truly hunt next season. The Panthers had a rough inaugural season, especially at the quarterback position. Here are my top 5 picks to take over the Panthers backfield assuming Paxton Lynch and Josh Love are no longer options. Lets start with 5th place.

#5 Carson Strong

The Eagles signed a guaranteed contract with Strong that they have officially released him from. Their loss could be the Panther's gain. The Nevada alum made an impressive career in college with a 67% win rate while throwing for 74 TDs on only 19 interceptions. He went undrafted and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles but went practically unseen in the Preseason. He is not much of a runner, which is why he ranks so low on this list. Strong is still an unpolished product, but he has an incredible amount of potential. All he needs is another chance to play the game he loves.

#4 Brandon Peters

We all saw the number one pick of Shea Patterson and thought "Michigan QB? LET’S BRING HIM HOME!" What if I told you we could try again with another Michigan QB that transferred to Illinois? We have had pretty good luck with former Fighting Illini considering how well Reggie Corbin did. Right now, Reggie's quarterback from the Illinois 2019 season is not on any NFL roster, so he could make a very good draft pick for the Panthers. He finished his college career with over a 120 QBR and is itching to get back in that starting role. Although not known for it, Peters does have the ability to extend plays and run for good yards. A dual-threat quarterback is always a bonus in the USFL as we saw on almost every team this year. Most importantly his win percentage is high, and I'd really like to see the Panthers win more games next year.

#3 Matt Corral

After a very ill-timed injury to Matt Corral, it is looking more and more likely by the day that he will not make the final Carolina Panther roster. The good news for him is that he doesn’t even have to change his mascot! If Corral cannot make it back in time for a team to pick him back up, I could see him in the USFL season 2 draft. In that case, the Panthers could use a player like this. Corral is a young QB who dropped in the draft and could use the film after some issues off the field, which does not really affect his skills and talent on the field. So, if he does wind up in the USFL and resolves some of these issues I think there is a good chance he can make a name for himself in the NFL. His time at Ole Miss proved him to be an elite college player, but he did miss some playing time with injury, so why not get some more tape? He is a very good passing quarterback that threw 67% for 8281yds-57tds-23int in his college career. He also added another 1300 yards on the ground and 18 touchdowns. He has all of the skills and talent to be an amazing quarterback in the USFL and NFL, so I would be very content to have him on our roster in 2023.

#2 Brett Hundley

Hundley was dropped from the Ravens and needs a new football home. I believe the Michigan Panthers would be a great landing spot for him. One of the big missing pieces on this team is our QB and Hundley could be the perfect fit. Our OL was arguably one of the best, with a league-leading rusher almost every week. A scrambling QB fits the scheme perfectly. Furthermore, he is only 29 so he still has a lot of time left to be a viable quarterback in the NFL. He still holds the record for most passing touchdowns and total offense for UCLA, so we know that the talent is there. I think the USFL could keep him in top form this offseason and get him a consistent starting role that could launch him back into the NFL as backup fighting for a starting role.

#1 Chris Streveler

This is a very exciting pick for my list. If you are like me and were glued to your TV this NFL Preseason, then you have probably seen Streveler play. In the last week of the preseason, Chris Streveler took the Jet’s offense all the way down the field in a 2-minute drill, before throwing what would be the game-winning touchdown. He did not play much this preseason, so it is likely that he will not make the 53-man roster. I am hopeful that he stays on the Jets, but if he doesn't then the Panthers are the perfect place for him to stay active. Streveler looks like a running back and has the wheels to back it up. As a Winnipeg Blue Bomber, he had 22 rushing TDs and 19 passing touchdowns to go along with the rushing touchdown title in 2019. Now he is back in the US looking for a starting QB role. The Panthers are a great fit for his play style with a good offensive line and run-heavy play calling. The threat of a rushing QB could open the possibility of option plays. Hopefully, Chris will stay in the NFL, but if he does not, I'd like to see him in Maroon and blue next season.

Join me in the official USFL Discord and tell me your thoughts on my thoughts! DO you have any QBs that aren't on my list that you think should take the helm?


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