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The Grateful 7- Maulers Style

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Why Wish? Maulers have it already.

Nevermind wishing and hoping what players you can add to the team. Momma always taught me to “Be grateful for what you have, dummy.”. And that is what I intend to do. I like what the Maulers have.

So here are my top 7 players that I am excited to have back (even though, I wish them the NFL call) to continue to be a part of the Orange And Purple Army.

#7- Jalen McClesky- WR

The dude is electric fast. He was a stud at WRU of the 2010s in Stillwater. He was given the opportunity in the NFL camps a few times and things just didn't work out. He then joined the Maulers and the dude gave the Maulers a new dynamic midseason. Speed on the outside and as he said on my show, “Hammer Time”, he loves the slot. Give me some of that in the Maulers offense all day.

#6- Abdul Beecham- OL

He started every game. He was effective in both passing and rushing situations. Flexibility was obvious with snap counts in multiple positions. Beech was the solid presence that every line needs. Imagine him anchoring a line in the second season. Do me a favor and go to his Twitter (@TweetsByBeech_), watch the film he posts. The downhill run blocking is my favorite.

#5- Arnold Tarpley III- S

If you followed the evolution of the Fan Media Network, USFL Network, USFL 1.0 or whatever we are called at any point, you know I love me some Arnold Tarpley. The dude was solid. He played in 7 games and had 43 tackles. 4 pass deflections was impressive as well. He played special teams and will always remember the scrimmages before the season. The helmet and drone cam was being tested and Tarpley had the first fun play of the preseason. I would like to see a full season of him and my #4 being the backline of the defense.

#4- Bryce Torneden- S

The only All-USFL Mauler still has not received that NFL call. From whistle to whistle, Torneden was a man among boys. 70 tackles from the safety spot was massive. He had a sack and an interception to go along with his winding up wherever the ball is attitude. The leader on the defense was the guy that played his college snaps as a Jayhawk.

#3- Vad Lee- QB

Please follow Vad Lee on social media. He is such a warm individual that really seems to be put on this earth to serve others. Truly inspirational from the former James Madison standout. I will always go back to the stories that were released, he studied all the teams before the Maulers made the phone call. It is truly amazing that preparation was taken to that next level. He enters the game, five days after arriving and leads the Maulers to their only win against the Gamblers. Amazing. He should come back and expand the playbook. Let the Maulers take advantage of his skillset. He will find Walker, McClesky among others. Bring back Vad.

#2- Madre London- RB

We know the season wasn't a dream for our Maulers. It was a lot of shortcomings. But this dude was not that. The shortcoming was, it was never figured out enough to get the ball into his hands more. We need more of Madre. He finished 6th in the league in yards per carry, for a team that finished near the bottom for rushing. He just hits holes different than many in the USFL. A true running back that can really work well with the mobile Vad, I am excited to see Madre back with the boys representing Pittsburgh.

#1- Kyahva Tenzino- LB

The name that gained the most attention with Pittsburgh was our MLB. He went sideline to sideline and made tackles everywhere. He picked off Jordan Ta’Amu with one of the coolest helmet cam videos of the rookie USFL season. The former San Diego State stud was the center of the defense and DC Horton relied on the play of Tenzino.

I know we should be looking forward and finding replacements for our league leading NFL callups. You read that correctly, the team with the worst record has the most NFL callups at the time of writing this. It will be released on Tuesday morning (8/21) before all cuts are released. The Maulers still have so much talent on the roster. Just execute a bit more, read a play a millisecond faster and boom, worst to first. Especially with these seven guys coming back.

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